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## Ræn Kararou
### One Hot Wolf
- 🔭 I'm studying Rust, CS, and InfoSec.
- 🌱 I’m currently learning how to exist.
- 👯 I’m looking to collaborate on Rust projects.
- 💬 Ask me about pretty much anything.
- ⚡ Fun fact: I've been known by more names than is reasonable.
I'm Ræn. My pronouns are [fæ/fær]( I like UNIX and Rust.
I'm Ræn. My pronouns are [fæ/fær]( I like UNIX
and Rust.
I architected, administrate, and operate the [Kararou Computer Research Lab]( private cloud, and I'm a DevOps Engineer at an ISP.
Follow my [blog]( or my
My most active git repos are actually over on my [git server]( and my favourite license is the barr0wnet standard license (and some other unlicenses occasionally), but I also occasionally like to use the MIT or Apache licenses.